• #AskFirebrand: How to stand out in a job interview

    In this video, Zena Nicolson, Team Lead at Firebrand Talent in Melbourne answers a big concern that job seekers have which is “how do I stand out in a job interview?”. Having interviewed 1000’s of people in her time, she explains what it is that really makes job seekers stick in her mind. You can also read her blog post here.

  • #AskFirebrand: Should I talk about salary in a job interview?

    In this video, Liam Pietzka, General Manager of Firebrand Talent, Aquent & Vitamin T in Sydney discusses how to answer one of the most common (and awkward) questions you’ll get asked in a job interview “what are your salary expectations” and whether you should even bring the salary topic up in an interview. You can also read his blog post here

  • #AskFirebrand: How to prepare for a job interview

    Got a job interview coming up? Preparation is everything. So what exactly should you know? Becky English, Digital Marketing Talent Agent for Firebrand Talent has some tips for you in this #AskFirebrand video series. For more job interview tips, read this post

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