Data-led CX: From Segmentation to personalisation to individualisation

Data-led CX: From Segmentation to personalisation to individualisation

As part of Firebrand Talent’s #digitalks event series, Kristi Mansfield, Director of CX Strategy & Transformation at Oracle recently spoke to audiences on the topic ‘Data-led Customer Experience: Moving from segmentation, to personalisation, to individualisation’. The key areas Kristi focused on are detailed below.

Digital and data has heralded a new era of ultra-personalisation and has given brands the ability to understand what each of their customers need and want. Data is a critical asset for organisations to move beyond customer segmentation to offering an individualised experience.

Yet, it’s not easy for more traditional businesses.  In fact, it’s really hard.

There’s too much data.  It sits in silos across the business. And often there’s confusion about which part of the business should take the next action with the customer.  Put into the mix data governance and security requirements, and many brands are putting off until tomorrow what they need to be doing today.

The competition, disruptive data-born businesses, can more easily put the customer at the centre.  After all, the disruptors were once start-ups searching for new business models or ways of doing things that improved the customer experience. As a result, after all the learning and iterations, data-born businesses are simply better at understanding what customers need and how data can be used to build engagement and loyalty through personalised experiences. They also know through trial and error what not to do – that is, where the creepy line is.

At our #digitalks event, we talked about the current state of play in Australia and New Zealand for brands on the path to data-led “individualised” CX.

97% of organisations who are CX Leaders say they are delivering a more predictive and personalised customer experience.  This is quite a shift from even 18 months ago.

Why is a personalised customer experience so important?

We all know customer expectations have accelerated exponentially and this is not slowing down. To compete for the heart and minds of the customer, businesses need to be able to engage meaningfully with people in the channels where they are, not where they want them to be.

Moving from segmenting customers to treating them as individuals is possible by aggregating multiple data sources, being responsive to the previous behaviour of customers and taking action in the moment at the right time.

Businesses on the journey to personalisation should get the foundations right, and then from there, work out the use cases that mean the most to customers.

Smarter CX technologies like machine learning based chatbots or Adaptive Intelligent applications can help businesses use data in the most effective way to engage and even create emotional connections with customers.

Roadmap for personalisation

5 practical personalisation must dos for digital marketers

#1 – Marketing automation basics

  • Move away from batch and blast
  • Conduct nurturing campaigns but automate them

#2 – Increase your understanding of your audience

  • Gather digital footprint of an individual
  • Make content more relevant through dynamic content and customer segmentation

#3 – Connect Customer Experience across connect marketing technology and advertising technology

  • Connect them!
  • Still so much spend in the digital advertising silo
  • There is spend on customer data and transactions, yet it’s not connected to advertising

#4 – Single customer view is critical – again, connect marketing technology and advertising technology

  • Use the known data across the org to ‘know the customer’ and make any communications relevant
  • Leaders are orchestrating the entire customer journey to make it relevant including past purchase information with past browsing and past card abandonment.

#5 for B2B marketers

  • Use insights from marketing for sales funnel management
  • Needs to be a seamless process, fully embedded in the organisation process
  • Organisational change management and process definition is the key to success

Detailed research on personalisation

Download Oracle’s research paper on “Customer Experience in the Age of Ultra Personalisation

Download report on The State of Marketing Automation in Australia & New Zealand

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