If money were no object, what work would you do all day?

If money were no object, what work would you do all day?

Here’s a powerful question:

If money were no object, what work would you do all day?


If you’re like me, it makes you think hard about who you are, and what makes you tick.

It makes me think about some people I know who seem so lucky. They will say of their jobs and careers:

I love doing what I do so much. I feel guilty getting a pay cheque for it. I’d pay someone to be able to do what I do!

Maybe not exactly those words, But you get the message, I’m sure.

And I realise now that I am one of those lucky people.

If money were no object, I’d do exactly what I do now — every day.

I love work, love challenges, working with younger people, and I love the creative industries. I love giving counsel, inspiring, challenging, moving things forward. I love being in the front of the room, performing. I love the stress of it, and the faster heart beat.

I love inspiring leaders to accelerate growth. And if money were no object, I’d still do it every day, and all day.

Here’s the insight.

We make our own luck.

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”

Not my words. But Roman philosopher Seneca.

So, how do you create this lucky situation — where you would do what you do now every day, even if not paid?

You need to focus as hard as you can to end up ‘working in your element.’

Sir Ken Robinson taught me this. We all are in our roles because we are good at a number of things. Some of those things we’re good at, we just don’t like doing much. When we do them, they deplete us a little. Drain us. Make our shoulders slump.

But other things we’re good at, we simply love doing. When we do them, we feel totally energised. It does not feel like work. We can’t wait to do more of it. Our shoulders lift. Optimism rises. We bounce home at the end of the day, eager to start again as soon as we can.

So, the key is to work out what you love doing, AND are really good at.

Then develop a strategy and plan on how to get better and better these things.

As you get better and better at the stuff you love doing, and your expertise rises, your bosses or clients will ask you to do more and more of it.

Eventually, your role will be 90% filled with the stuff you are really good at, and LOVE doing. (There’s always going to be 10% of the other stuff. Sorry!).

When you get to that stage, you’re working ‘in your element.’

And when you work in your element, if money were no object, you’d still turn up every day and do exactly that role (maybe without that last 10%).

So — make a start. What do you love doing, that you are good at.

Then make a plan. How can you get better and better at that stuff.

Start the journey today to becoming one of those ‘lucky ones.’

Here’s the thing.

The harder you work at this, the luckier you will get.



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