3 ways to a guaranteed salary increase

3 ways to a guaranteed salary increase

Job satisfaction and a higher salary don’t necessarily go hand in hand. I’d venture to say that if money is your primary driver, the advertising and design industry probably isn’t for you.

Receiving a fair and rewarding salary is kind of important. You don’t want to feel resentful about getting out of bed on a winter’s morning to make someone else wealthy.

Over the years, I have interviewed over 3500 different candidates across design, development, marketing & account management. While salary is often cited as a reason for leaving their current role, most of the time it’s not the only thing. And when I hear that salary is the only reason, I’m a little wary and question that motivation deeper.

Earning a fair and rewarding salary and receiving a regular salary increase are two of the key factors that make us feel valued and appreciated within the workplace (emphasis on the word valued).

Recently I ran an online *survey asking individuals within marketing, advertising and design about their last salary review and increase.

Guaranteed way to get a salary increaseThe results weren’t a total surprise, but are really interesting.

Did you know that close on 84% of candidates surveyed felt that it was their right as an employee to receive an annual salary increase? Yes, you read that correctly, their right! Yet around 40% haven’t had an increase in over 18 months or had no concept of this mythical topic of a salary increase.

3 ways to a guaranteed salary increase


Here are three surefire, tried and tested means to ensure you get a salary increase, and all three require you to get off your butt and do something about it!

1. Ask for a salary increase

Mmmmm… easier said than done. Someone once mentioned “when in a fight, hit first and hit hard”, but should your salary negotiation really be a fight?

This is where we go back to the value I spoke of earlier. Before you go into a salary review, take time to reflect on your actual role and where you have gone above and beyond the standard requirements, and in essence, added extra value.

Guaranteed ways to get you a salary increase

Working extra hours doesn’t exactly equate to adding value, but bringing in new clients, working overtime to meet unforeseen deadlines or being a massive collaborator enabling your whole team to achieve their own and company goals does count as adding value.

Do your homework, establish the market value for your role and have these facts with you when you go in to speak with your boss. Show your boss the value you’re adding, the value of you and your role in the market place, and then ask for a realistic salary increase that matches this value. If that doesn’t work move to step 2.

2. Push for a promotion

If you really believe you’re adding extra value and are operating at a level above the standard requirements of your job, ask for a promotion.

Not all companies have multi-leveled team structures, so perhaps that’s not an option in your workplace, however, if it is then consider these points to raise when you angle for that promotion.

Where are you making things easier for your boss? Are you coming into meetings with solutions or problems? Are you making critical decisions that achieve positive results? Are you ready to lead, manage, motivate and take responsibility for the performance of others? If so, mention all those points when you push for the promotion. If that fails, move to step 3.

3. Change jobs

The days of working for a company from womb to tomb have passed. While it’s become more commonplace to change jobs more regularly than our grandparents, it still takes careful thought.

Changing jobs can be great for gaining new experience and skills, you’ll get to work with new people and you’ll have a chance to progress further up the career ladder. Interestingly enough, a staggering 36% of people who took our survey also feel it’s the best way to get a salary increase.

Guaranteed to get you a salary increase

Whilst I have loads of advice to offer on changing jobs, there are key bits of advice I’d like you to take away

Firstly, unless you’re desperately unhappy, don’t switch before you’ve been with your company for at least 18 months, and secondly, if you want more money, be sure to have tried steps 1 and 2 before you go job hunting. It would be a real shame if you go through the exhausting process of hunting for something new only to have your company offer you the increase and promotion you were looking for in the first place when you finally resign.

When did you last have a salary increase?

*Disclaimer: these results are not scientific because we only surveyed 100 people, however it gives us a snapshot view of what people in our industry are experiencing.


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