5 reasons why knowledge will fast track your career

5 reasons why knowledge will fast track your career

You may not realise it, but your skills, knowledge, and competency are invaluable intellectual property. To guarantee that you will stand out from the crowd in your industry, make sure you invest in your own development.

Here are 5 reasons why:
1. Stand out from the crowd

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘knowledge is power’. But, have you considered what it might mean for you and your career?

The phrase often implies that with exceptional knowledge and education, your potential and abilities in life will increase. So, obtaining and sharing knowledge is widely recognised as the basis for improving not only your reputation and influence, but also the potential to obtain power throughout your career.

To gain this power, you must value the knowledge you already have, and put time and effort into procuring more and more, not just through formal education and training, but through each new experience.

2. Knowledge-based world

Knowledge is a commodity which we trade for economic prosperity when we apply for a job.

The 21st century is information driven and we find ourselves living and working in a knowledge-based society. Due to digital technology and globalisation, our collective knowledge and competencies are the keys to the future. As time passes, it becomes more and more apparent that knowledge begets knowledge, new competencies develop, and the result is innovation.

Technology gives us all access to an infinite number of learning opportunities via online portals – what are you learning today? Where is the information coming from? Will this new knowledge give you the edge, and potentially the power to impress, and progress?

Recognise your strengths and make sure your knowledge not only advances your career but also contributes to continual global improvement.

3. More professional and personal development = more freedom

By engaging in continuous training and education even after you get a job, you show that you are passionate about learning, adapting, and developing your personal value.

Such training and education include:

– Reading
– Short courses
– Business and personal development keynotes
– In-house and external workshop training
– Hot-group event participation
– Volunteer participation

In addition to personal fulfilment, continuous learning and expansion of your skills empowers you to move freely between jobs, regions, and countries. Imagine working your dream job overseas in your favourite city – your wealth of knowledge will get you there!

4. Be resourceful

There is an overload of talent shortages and competency gaps in today’s workplace. So, as a rule, concentrate on how you can fill that gap.

Use your skills, knowledge, and competencies to research opportunities fully. Delve into online information wells – ask questions, show that you care, be interested – all job opportunities should be viewed as a personal choice and a strategic career manoeuvre.

Make the most of your knowledge and capabilities by becoming the most competitive and dynamic knowledge-based candidate. Engage a coach or a mentor to fast track your progress and drive you forward by focusing on being the best that you can be.

5. Recognise your individual learning pursuits on your résumé

Use your lifelong learning as a key attribute to play whilst developing a coordinated strategy for your employment. Recognise your intellectual power by promoting your skills, belief in training, flexibility, and adaptability.

Acknowledge your pursuit of knowledge on your C.V. – show your love of learning, and diversity of learning channels and topics.

A continuous learning process will both stimulate and empower you as you acquire all the knowledge, values, skills, and understanding you will need throughout your lifetime. Apply what you have learnt with confidence, creativity and enjoyment, in all roles, circumstances and environments.

No matter what happens in your life, knowledge is one asset that can never be taken away from you. Once you learn a new and revolutionary idea that transforms the way you view the world, it is yours forever.

Knowledge is a powerful combination – the more you learn, the more insights you can add to and build on your knowledge, until one day, you realise that the constant pursuit of knowledge is one of the pillars of your success and happiness.

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