How social personality profiling reinvents content marketing & social care

Social personality profiling reinvents content marketing & social care

Get set for the next revolution in social customer care and engagement.

Instant personality profiling brings a whole new capability and dimension to 1-to-1 service and marketing at scale.

Social personality profiling changes the game

One of the benefits of interacting with stakeholders through social media is that you can potentially know quite a lot about them, with a little research. Check their tweet stream, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, G+, and you have some useful insights. Smart organisations use these insights to guide their interactions – be it through customer service (social customer care), marketing (content), or social sales.

The value of this social media data has been a big step from just knowing a telephone number or email address, particularly when interacting with stakeholders who are not contained in your current systems of record e.g. prospects, potential partners, or potential employees.

Now, imagine that you could push a button and get a personality profile of those people, based upon their activity on social media. Imagine no longer! You can, and this is big.

IBM Research, the guys who crushed the human Jeopardy champions in 2011 with their Watson Supercomputer, have unleashed the Watson Personality Profile Index. Not only unleashed it, but also made it available “as-a-Service” so that developers can plug in and use its power. For example MutualMind is about to release a next-generation social media monitoring tool which incorporates personality profiling for use in filtering social media activity.

What is the Watson Personality Profile?

Watson Personality Profile

The IBM Watson Personality Insights service uses linguistic analytics to infer cognitive and social characteristics — including Big Five, Values, and Needs — from communications that the user makes available, such as email, text messages, tweets, forum posts, and more.

The first personality model, Big Five, is the most widely used model to generally describe how a person engages with the world. The model includes five primary dimensions:

1. Agreeableness
2. Conscientiousness
3. Extraversion
4. Emotional Range
5. Openness.

Each top-level dimension has six facets that further characterise an individual according to the dimension.

How personality profiles improve service and engagement 

By deriving cognitive and social preferences, the service helps users to understand, connect to, and communicate with other people on a more personalised level. This means that when a Social Care team picks up a relevant social mention that they can understand the type of person they are dealing with before responding.

If the person has made a negative brand or service comment, and has a cooperative personality which also needs stability and a low openness to change then they will likely stay with the brand if you take a highly cooperative approach to addressing their issue. If a person is high on “authority challenging” then be prepared for them to question why you have to do things they way you do, and research some of their other traits to determine how to best interact.

If seeking more engagement through content marketing, profiling will tell you that posting material about the firm’s longevity and security will be of no interest to an individual who does not value Conservation (tradition, security, conformity). Not only that, if you send that type of content to them they will treat it and the brand with disdain. But if you send content on self-enhancement to those who value this highly then they will find that relevant and valuable, and personal thus enhancing the brand image.

This is undoubtedly the beginning of a new era in social customer care, content marketing, social selling, and social data analytics for business intelligence.

You can try the Watson Personality Insights Demonstration for yourself.

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