Job hunters: How to be remembered by potential employers

Job hunters: How to get yourself known by potential employers

It goes without saying, someone is a lot less likely to hire you, or buy your product, if they’ve never even heard of you. It’s always been a big part of brand building, and it’s a big part of job hunting as well.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not impossible people will choose you or your brand if they know little or nothing about you, but it is less likely. Your CV or résumé is your first chance for them to get to know who you are, but not the only one.

Think about it, if they’ve already seen your CV and know what you say your skills and experiences are, a big part of the job interview and decision making process, for example, is simply about getting to know you. Not just what you’ve done, but who you are. Same goes with brands.

Know who you are.

You see, we’re all flooded with choice these days. Rarely do we only ever have one solution available to any given problem. Want one of those fitness wrist band things? About two years ago they didn’t even exist. Now you can choose from about 1.6 million different brands, colours, styles, and features.

And yes, it’s the same for potential employers. Countless people applying for the same job, often with similar levels of experience.

So how do people make choices? By knowing, and liking who you are. And one of the first steps towards getting people to know who you are, is for you to know who you are. And I don’t mean your name. Your name isn’t who you are, it’s what you’re called and they’re very different things. People and brands who do work it out, and communicate it well, usually do pretty well for themselves.

A few weeks ago I saw 20+ Graduates. Today, I remember two.

A few weeks back, I went to a design course graduation. As I write this, exactly two weeks later, do you know how many of the 20+ folios I saw I still remember? If you read the subheading above, you probably do. Two. That’s right, two. Out of more than twenty. And I’ll tell you why. Because I didn’t really get a sense of who any of those designers were yet. Except for two. Most people showed ‘a bit of everything’ which is a nice way to play it safe and back your odds, trying to be all things to all people. But as we all know, that strategy means you often end up being nothing to anyone.

Narrowing your appeal sounds risky, because it feels like you may be limiting the breadth of your appeal and thus your chances of success. But you know what’s even riskier? Being boring. Being bland. White bread. Vanilla. And being confusing to someone who’s trying to make a decision about who to employ. Or what to buy.

It’s not just what you’ve done.

Getting known isn’t just about what you’ve done. Or what you’re going to do. It’s about who you are. How you do what you do. It’s about people getting to know you. Like you. Choose you.

Always remember that people have almost infinite choice. They need help making that choice. For better or for worse, you taking a stand and standing for something does just that.

So know who you are. Tell the world who you are. Be loud and proud. Accept the fact not everyone will like who you are or choose you. That’s never gonna happen anyway. Welcome to life on planet Earth. Know who you are. And don’t keep it a secret.

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