One action to take to make 2015 an unforgettable year

One action to make 2015 an unforgettable year

I am determined to make the year ahead unforgettable – a year which I will cherish for the rest of my life. You can too, if you are brave enough to take this one very simple action.

It was the death of former New York State Governor Mario Cuomo that has sparked me into action. His obituary in The International New York Times gave me the clue. “Cuomo,” it read…” may be remembered more for the things he never did than what he accomplished.”

The story goes that Cuomo was at his highest profile when he was considering standing for President, up against Ronald Reagan. He had two chartered airplanes on the tarmac at Albany airport waiting to fly him to New Hampshire to pay the filing fee that would put his name on the State’s Democratic primary ballot for President. The world’s media watched with bated breath. This was his moment. He never took that plane trip —never stood—and that’s what he is most remembered for.

What a tragedy of waste—a legacy of missed opportunity, of unrealised promise.

Join me in making sure 2015 is NOT a year to be remembered by what we do not accomplish. Take responsibility now to make the next 12 months GREAT for you.

Start by remembering the words of William Ernest Henley in his poem ‘Invictus’ as you consider your goals and aspirations for the year ahead:

“I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.” 

This is how to do it:

  1. Get clear on what is the one goal you have that if you can achieve it by Christmas Day 2015, will make the most positive difference to your happiness and your life. Take some time, make a list of your key goals and aspirations, then hone in on the one that is of most immediate and biggest import to you.
  2. Write down that goal in the past tense – as if you have achieved it, and then put a date beside it. For example, “I climbed Mount Everest. 15 December 2015”… “I got promoted to manager and now run the Western Region. 10 October, 2015”… “I have lost 15 kilos, and exercising regularly and feel great! Christmas Day, 2015.”
  3. Make a long list of everything you need to do to achieve that goal. Go on — just stream of consciousness… every single thing you can think of that you need to do to achieve that goal.
  4. Then make a plan. Break all those ‘to do’s’ into three phases… Phase One, Two and Three. List out the most immediate 6-8 priorities in Phase One, and then do likewise from the rest for Phase Two, and then just group everything that’s left over in Phase Three.

And then take that one action I told you would make all the difference to ensuring 2015 is a year to remember with pride and pleasure. Here it is:


Take action. That’s it. Take action immediately on your Phase One list, and then make sure you take action every day against that list. Make a start. Get moving. Make progress. Every step of progress, no matter how small, is to be applauded. Soon you will have momentum, will form new habits supporting that goal, and you will be accelerating along the path to success.

Don’t let 2015 be a year with a legacy of missed opportunity.

You ARE the master of your fate, the captain of your soul.

Pick that goal that will make the biggest difference to you. Follow my five steps. Go hard. Persist. DO NOT GIVE UP!

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