Living with purpose

Living with purpose

The whole purpose of Christmas is purpose. And then I’m reminded of the South Park Christmas episode where Santa and Jesus end up in a mighty sword fight to the death. Santa prevails.

Christmas does bring with it another ‘event’ — the end of another year. And so, with the holiday season mood descending upon us, red wine midnight conversations being held at Christmas parties, and the days getting longer and warmer, our focus tends to shift inward and reflect upon ‘life matters’.

Another year gone. Did it go fast for you? Did it go slow for you? Which is better? How was it anyway? What do you score your year out of 10? Is next year going to be more of the same? And how happy are you, because that’s the most important thing after all? [something parents always say to their kids]

Our cities and countryside filled with people coming to the end of another year, and wondering whether they’re happy in their jobs and in their lives. And at the very heart and soul of this inward movement towards self-reflection sits… What is my purpose? Why am I here? Why do I exist? What do I exist to do? How can I make a difference? What sort of difference do I really want to make?

Living with purpose is not some thing, some place, an occupation, or a title; we all know that, instinctively. Living with purpose is to be yourself, whoever that may be. Living with purpose is found each moment as you make choices to be who you really are… assuming you already know who you really are.

Buddha said, “Your purpose in life is to find your purpose and give your whole heart and soul to it.”

So where will you go looking for ‘purpose’? Will you find your ‘purpose’ at the Christmas Day Mass? Maybe not. Will you find ‘purpose’ by sitting on a rock, staring out across the ocean? Probably not. Will you find ‘purpose’ hiding under the Christmas tree? Definitely not.

I think the way to find your ‘purpose’ is to stop looking for it, and to let it present itself to you. Because I reckon it’s already there, deep inside of you – and it’s all that talking about, thinking about, and looking for ‘purpose’ and ‘happiness’ that gets in the way of you finding it.

And so, as you chill, relax, and unwind over the Christmas break, and the busy chatter of 2013 starts to wane in your head, take the time out to reconnect with your self. To rekindle the purpose flame that still flickers inside of you, however dimly.

And if it does feel like a bit of a lost cause, here’s my final thought for you: I thought my fire was out, until I stirred the ashes with my hand and burnt my fingers.

Joyeux Noël 🙂

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