Be the Michael Jordan of job hunters

Be the Michael Jordan of job hunters

There are basically two parts to the Job Hunting process: the physical, and the mental.

The physical part requires you to do and say certain things. You have to make the calls, send the emails, bang on the doors. It’s a mostly mechanical process that, as I’ve pointed out in the past, isn’t actually all that complicated.

Then there’s the mental part (and trust me, it can be absolutely mental at times!). The part that requires you to have the patience of a saint. The resilience of a boxing bag. The persistence of a termite who can bring down even the mightiest of trees, one little bite at a time.

Let’s not get carried away with the metaphors here, but it’s true. So today, I want to tell you how to be the Michael Jordan of Job Hunters. OK, yes, it’s yet another metaphor but stick with me on this one.

Even those of you too young to recall this great man in his basketball playing heyday will probably have heard of him. And if you haven’t, he’s only a Google away. The guy was a master. For years, he absolutely dominated the basketball court for his team the Chicago Bulls, winning more championships, MVPs, awards and accolades than I’ve had hot dinners. And job rejections. (Which is saying something cause I’ve had quite a few of those myself over the years!)

You see, here’s the thing: along with all the things he got right that made him the legend he is today, he stuffed up plenty of things too. Seriously. In one of his famous commercials, he explains that he missed more than 9,000 shots during his career. That he lost almost 300 games. And that 26 times, he missed the game winning shot. “I have failed over and over again in my life” he says.

Well, your Job Hunt will be no different. You’ll miss shots. Lose games. But unlike Michael, who still needed to make a certain amount of shots and win a certain amount of games, you only need one ‘yes’. One. Two would be nice. Three even better. But one is all you need.

So remember that. Remember Michael. I’m pretty sure he didn’t enjoy missing those shots or losing those games. But he understood it was all part of the process.

It’s a bit cliched to say things like “true champions aren’t the ones who never get knocked down, they’re the ones that keep getting back up”, but it’s true. Yes, you’re going to have to do the training. If you’re hunting for a job, it helps if you’re a good shot. But no matter how accurate you are, you’re still going to miss a few. Probably more than a few. It’s that one shot that hits the target that makes the difference.

At The Swashbuckler’s Club we have a Manifesto that reminds us to ‘Redefine Crazy’. And I would encourage every single one of you to do that. And more importantly, redefine ‘success‘ and ‘failure’ while you’re at it. Happy hunting.


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