Stop endorsing people you don’t know on LinkedIn!

Stop endorsing people you don’t know on LinkedIn!

Have you been receiving random endorsements from connections (people) on LinkedIn who don’t know you? I find this perplexing and I’m not the only one.

Many people have commented on my last post on Linkedin (13 things that really annoy people on LinkedIn). Enough comments to think that I really need to add a 14th point…!

Why you should stop endorsing people you don’t know on LinkedIn

What many people on LinkedIn don’t realise, is that in your connections’ news feed, you can not only see who you endorsed, but what you endorsed them for. Same for the recipient. Now if you’re endorsing a complete stranger, you not only look like a ‘prat’ to the recipient, who believe me, is shaking their head saying “who the hell is this person and why on earth are they endorsing me?” Their next question being “What do they want from me?”. In addition, other people can also see that you’ve endorsed that person for some random skill. Not so good for your personal brand.

It’s one thing to endorse people for skills which they’ve already got a lot of endorsements for, but it’s another to make one up that they don’t even have. Why do this? It happens often. It’s time for these people to go to ‘LinkedIn purgatory’ for a while.

You can hide endorsements

The good news for people who have received random, irrelevant endorsements is that you can hide them. You can find the instructions here in LinkedIn’s help centre.

Why good endorsements are great

LinkedIn Endorsements, when added by a colleague or person you’ve worked with in some capacity, or even a person who has witnessed the power of your skills is a lovely way of acknowledging you, without having to write a full LinkedIn Recommendation (which by the way, have their faults too, but are even more powerful than endorsements).

It’s a great vehicle to help build your personal brand too.

In LinkedIn’s words:  “It helps contribute to the strength of your profile, and increases the likelihood you’ll be discovered for opportunities related to the skills your connections know you possess.” ie. It increases the relevance of your profile when people are searching LinkedIn.

Same goes for anyone you endorse.

I admit, I love receiving endorsements when they are well deserved. And I always send a thank you note back. Do you?

Don’t hold back, tell me what you think about LinkedIn endorsements in the comments section below.

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