How to earn more and get a promotion… now!

How to earn more money and get promoted... now!

We all would like to earn more money. And for many of us, a promotion would be nice. But how do we get both? And how do we get it NOW! Well, read on, and I will tell you.

It actually is so very, very simple.

Ask yourself this one question:

What is the one thing I can focus on and get done today that if I do it really, really well, will bring the most value to this business?

Ask yourself that question, get clear on the answer, and then get cracking on the delivery. And ask yourself that question regularly. And, again, get cracking on delivering.

Seriously, it’s a simple as that. Here is my four point plan on ensuring you get paid more and get promoted faster than anyone else.

1. Make a diary appointment with yourself every week, for one hour. Call it your ‘Hour of ROI Power.’ The Return on Investment is for your company, for your boss: it’s about how they can get maximum value from YOU in the week ahead.

2. In the ‘Hour of ROI Power’, ask yourself these questions:

– Why am I on the pay roll?
– What is the highest value use of my time?
– How can I increase the value of my service to my company today, and for the coming week?
– What can I, and only I do, that, if done well, can make a real difference?

3. If it makes sense, check in with your boss on what you have concluded. Show them your thinking, why you selected what you selected, get their input and alignment (think about it – they will be pretty damned impressed you are thinking this way).

4. And then get very focused on delivering to that plan, every day.

The key to career advancement is about doing the really, really important things well. Focus relentlessly on what adds REAL value to your business. If you make it a habit of reviewing regularly where you can add the most value, and get really good at delivering on that, then you will quickly earn more, and get promoted, faster than the others. No doubt about it.

I could write more about how this approach has changed my career, but I have to stop. I have to focus on what will add the most value right now to my real job, and sadly, it’s not writing this post.

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