The top 20 digital marketing, social and career posts from Firebrand in 2012


It’s been a bumper year of thought leadership on our Firebrand Ideas Ignition blog with 115 new digital marketing, social, and career articles published in 2012. Below is a list of our top 20 most viewed and shared posts published this year.

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1. 13 things that really annoy people on LinkedIn

2. Twitter for business: 18 things you should NOT do

3. 5 lessons from Coca Cola’s new content marketing strategy

4. Does your résumé match up?

5. A résumé – your future on a piece of paper

6. What does a PR professional do anyway?

7. 10 creative ways to market your business on Pinterest

8. Interview tip: “Tell me about your biggest achievement” [Video]

9. How to increase the visibility of your Facebook page [Infographic]

10. 10 essential personal branding tips for Twitter

11. Agencies, media & digital companies: Your sales pitch sucks

12. A designer’s portfolio: art vs strategy

13. 10 principles of social media content marketing

14. Interview tip: What is your biggest weakness?

15. Busy bodies – why is it so important to be busy?

16. How 5 creative brands pin on Pinterest

17. The recipe for corporate mediocrity

18. What makes a kick-ass Account Manager?

19. 23 tips for creating content that Google loves [Infographic]

20. What makes an exceptional Marketing Manager?

Wishing you a happy, healthy and relaxing time over the holidays. We’re looking forward to connecting with you again in 2013.

All the best from the Firebrand team.


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