Mass communication is dead: It is time to get personal!

Mass communication is dead: It is time to get personal

It happens every now and then. I’ll receive an email wishing me (along with all my fellow “undisclosed recipients”) a “Happy Easter”, “Merry Christmas” or a “Happy New Year”. You just know you’ve been sent a mass email.

Whenever I help candidates prepare their CVs or cover letters, I cannot stress enough the importance of tailoring their career objectives and personalising their applications.

When coaching managers on writing performance appraisals, I would always re-iterate that the person reading the review must always feel you had taken the time to think about their own individual accomplishments.

After all, nobody wants to be known for being the master of the “copy and paste”, “find and replace” or “insert first name”.

Before you send out your “Happy Holiday” messages, think about how you can (even just slightly) personalise your greeting so that the recipient feels as though you at least put some effort and thought into the process.

For example:

  • Thank your client for giving you some great business this year;
  • Thank your recruiter for finding you that awesome new job;
  • Thank a referee for having taken the time to speak about your past achievements;
  • Thank a colleague for passing your CV on to someone you may have otherwise not been able to get in front of;
  • Thank a friend for having recommended you for some contract or freelance work;
  • You may even want to thank a blogger for writing a piece that really resonated with you, or inspired you to think outside the box!

Even if the rest of the wording in your message is exactly the same for everyone, at least it shows you really did think about the person receiving the greeting.

Of course this will also require you to “insert first name”!

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