5 Google+ resources & tips for business – plus infographic

In viewing the philosophy and personas of the the top three social networks — Google+, Facebook and Twitter — all are taking and staking different positions online.

– Google sees Google+ as core to its online properties. This can be seen with the Google+ button on almost all its online properties from Gmail to Google “Reader”. Google is about relevancy and user experience.
Facebook positions its social network platform as being about people’s identity. The “Timeline” update further reinforces this position as it allows you to update your life history and place it with the appropriate date stamp in your timeline stream.
Twitter sees itself as about “Events”. Breaking news and events globally in real time but keeping its charm and interface simple.

The challenge that most Facebook users face with changing to other social networks is that firstly, it is very time consuming managing two social platforms, and secondly, why change when most of their friends already hangout on Facebook.

Here are some valuable tips, resources and insights to how to use Google+ effectively.

1. 9 reasons to switch from Facebook to Google+

This is a good overview of the advantages of Google+ from the PC World online blog. It looks at:

– Integration with Google’s other online assets and services
– Its improved data protection and privacy features over Facebook
– The power of “Circles”

2. 6 essential Google+ features for marketing your business online

This resource provides a good introductory overview of how to get started on Google+ by Angela Stringfellow on the blog.

It covers key features and functions in an easy visual format.

– Google+ brand pages
– The Google+ button
– Google+ hangouts

3. 27 Google+ tutorials

This is an extensive list of resources from A Brighter Web blog,  that will have you viewing videos for days. If I don’t see your comments below I know where you have gone.

It includes video tutorials for using Google+ including

– An overview of Google+
– How to add text to a video
– How to share images from Gmail
– How to format your posts with bold and italic

4. Guy Kawasaki on Google+

Guy Kawasaki is someone I have followed online for quite a while now and I have adapted and used his approach and philosophy to social media especially in regards to Twitter. Guess what, they worked, and that is why you are maybe visiting this blog today.

This is a short video with his insights.

This is how he sees the three major social media networks.

– Twitter as about news
– Facebook about friends and Family
– Google+ is about passion and strangers

He has released a book on Google+ called “What the Plus! Google+ for the rest of Us

5. Chris Brogan on Google+

Chris has become an evangelist for Google+ and here is an infographic that highlights the use of Google+ for business.

Google+ for Business Infographic

Source: Infographic from Chris Brogan and Blue Glass

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