The essential element of surprise!

Surprise! The other side of the fence IS always greener. This I have noticed in all people, especially the young, the restless, the unhappy, and the unfulfilled. Which is pretty much all people.

We’re forever chasing the dream. Nirvana. Perfection. Happiness. That place that lies over the hill, just out of sight, but [somehow] still in view.

It’s as if we live in a bottomless pit of dissatisfaction, always wanting something better, something more, anything that we don’t have right now. And so we tell ourselves:

Things will be better with: an education; good looks; a wife; kids; a divorce; a good lawyer; a pay increase; my own business; a new government.

My life will be better when: I change my job; I change my career; I change my boyfriend; I change my house; I change my car; I change my medication; I change my weight; I change my looks.

I will be happy if: I get a job that lets me express my creativity; I get a manager who’s not an asshole; I get to work at that amazing company; I get to work in my own office.

I wonder… I wonder what you would do if you did have the power to have anything that you wanted.

Introducing a new iPhone — “the iPhone 8” — and with just a touch of the buttons you could order anything you wanted.

Yes indeed, with this amazing new piece of technology you could design for yourself the most ecstatic and perfect life. Perfect looks. The perfect job. The perfect salary. The perfect partner. Perfect sex. The perfect home in the perfect location. Perfect kids. A perfect government. Perfect weather every day.

Imagine now that you do have this power; the power to create your perfect world. What then…?

Methinks that after a few months of ‘living perfection’, your perfect life would start to feel a little predictable, slightly uninteresting, and eventually downright boring.

You’d stop laughing at jokes because you’d know the punch line. You’d stop chasing because you’d already know the outcome. You’d stop hating Mondays because you’d turned them into Saturdays. And you’d stop loving Saturdays because they’re like Mondays.

You’d start yearning for something more adventurous, with the danger and thrills that comes with it. You’d want something to feel apprehensive about; something unexpected and unplanned; something that puts tomorrow on tenterhooks precisely because it is tomorrow = the unknown.

And so the new “iPhone 8” would eventually have to invent a button that says SURPRISE! That would be the iPhone 8S I assume…


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