The rise of the ‘mopper’ (mobile shopper)

The rise of the 'mopper' (mobile shopper)

I’ve been reading a lot lately about the rise of mobile commerce (mcommerce). The mobile phone is a device people have with them literally 24/7, and when retailers can now offer shoppers “purchase incentives” through a variety of online channels, specifically mobile, why should they bother coming into the store?

This makes me wonder, how will the marketing and advertising industry combat this?

Already I’ve noticed a flurry of retailers, credit card companies, banks and telecoms companies coming up with innovative ways of accessing “the mopper”. Google’s eWallet wants to deliver on the long-expected promise of using your smart phone to make purchases. QuickerFeet allows retailers the opportunity to offer location-based special offers to alert potential shoppers to promotions in their vicinity. Retail giant Tesco came up with a way for smartphone users to get the most out of their new ad campaign. Shoppers who download the Blippar app can scan Tesco’s print and outdoor advertising with their smartphones and experience a 3D animated version of the Ad. Customers can also download recipe ideas and store locations straight to their phone. I like…

Though digital offers delivered to mobile devices are in their infancy, the trends are promising. According to research by PwC and Frost & Sullivan, online shopping, both locally and offshore, is expected to grow at least twice as fast in comparison to the total retail market in Australia over the next four years. Mobile web is growing 8 times faster than the desktop web, yet only 20% of retailers and brands in Australia have a mobile-enabled website. Surely a big opportunity when online retailers, who have a mobile-specific website, can increase consumer engagement by 85%? These trends are only going to continue and before long, surely all shoppers will be “moppers”.

The opportunities could be endless: Retailers can tap into their already extensive market research and consumer base to develop target innovations that reach consumers when and where they shop. Real-time offers, location-based specials, incentives and developments like barcode mobile shopping and QR codes can give back the edge to the retailer, and help them to truly own the customer experience.

There is simply no escaping the reality that people are using their mobile phones to shop. I cannot wait to see what our local retailers and their marketing and creative teams come up with to get me, and you, “mopping” at their store!

Some sneaky stats for those of you that read to the end:

– By 2015, it is expected there will be 18.5 million Smartphone users in Australia, up by nearly 10 million from today’s Smartphone user population
– According to a recent Google survey 26% of Australian Smartphone users have purchased something on their Smartphone – a statistic they believe will increase year on year.


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