How do you beat the competition, get found, and get hired?

High quality Marketing, Creative and Digital talent has never been in such fierce demand and businesses know that these talented professionals typically already have a job and aren’t searching for a new job on job boards. These companies are putting in place talent acquisition and proactive talent pool development strategies to enable them to connect and communicate with the right candidates to attract them into their business. It is here — the era where businesses are competing to acquire and retain high quality talent.

So if you are not getting hired, it is most likely because either:

– You do not have the skills recruiters and employers are looking for, or
– You have these skills, but recruiters and employers can’t find you!

You need to make sure you can be identified and found.

Now I certainly do not have all the answers, but here are a few ideas to help you to become identified as a talent in the market place:

1) Get the skills:
  • Register and complete digital courses specific to Marketing, Creative and Advertising
  • Up skill in areas that are in high demand. Across the Firebrand global network, there is a huge global demand for Talent with Digital Marketing and Social Media skills. Do you have these? Can you up skill?
2) Increase your visibility:
  • Get your name out there. Attend networking events, relevant community meet-ups, contribute and become recognised as an influencer in forums, blogs and your specialisation. For example in Melbourne, I follow The Fetch closely for my relevant events.
  • Ensure that your social media profiles are consistent, and up-to-date with your most recent role and achievements, and that there is a mode of contact to reach you. Market yourself, but be careful! Spring clean your social media profile first.
  • Identify specialist recruiters and businesses that you can partner with and actively approach.
  • Be passionate and enthusiastic about yourself, your skills and your standout achievements.
  • Explore your current role: Can you create a new opportunity with your current employer?

Businesses are also evolving and finding new ways to attract and retain high quality talent. In order to be recognised and found – you need to adapt too!

Below is an example of how a leading software innovation technology company has survived 30 years in operation and is still evolving with the times:

Mark Garrett, CFO and Executive VP at Adobe Systems, states that “Adobe has not faded because of its ability to attract and retain fantastic talent”.

Here is an extreme example, at an individual level, of how these inspirational and talented Creatives got hired in Melbourne. It really paints a good picture of talent taking the bull by horns and forcing businesses to identify them as possible hires.


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