Get creative with a Facebook CV

So here we are in the digital age with the rise of social media channels such as Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook. Now we hear lots of talk about using them to find jobs and certainly, recruiters use them to track down talent for their clients. But how could you, as an applicant, use them to aid your job search? Well how about getting a little creative and creating an online CV on them? Sure, LinkedIn is king when it comes to having a professional profile online, but what about thinking outside the box for a moment and doing something to make yourself stand out?

Well let’s take Facebook. It’s huge, we all know that and soon the creators and investors will be richer to the tune of around US$1 billion. Not bad going, but how can you make a little profit from it? Simple, create a CV on Facebook and show potential employers that you are willing to embrace the brave new digital frontier and showcase why they should take you on instead of someone else.

I’m betting that there is quite a high chance of you having a profile on Facebook, especially if you work within the digital arena in something such as social media or search. Now if you are smart, this profile is probably set to private as who knows what little secrets may be on your page that you don’t want employers to see. I’d say that close on 99% of potential employers will go take a look if you are in the interview process with them. Still, Facebook can be your friend, especially with the new timeline that has been rolled out globally.

So why not go and create a fan page on Facebook for yourself? It’s easy to do and this will be the foundation for your creative CV. Of course, it’s important to remember that the internet is not a safe place. The net is full of weirdo’s, trolls and stalkers so firstly you should take a few safety precautions. Keep all personal contact details off of your new page. Even though it’s a CV, do not put on your personal email, home address or any phone numbers. Best to be safe than sorry.

A potential employer can contact you with a message via Facebook or set up a throw away email address on somewhere such as Gmail just for the purpose of job hunting and add this. Keeps the spam at a minimum too as you can always change it out for a new one.

Work in SEO? Then maybe do a little keyword research around your market and keyword up or build some links to your new page. Always nice to be found in the SERPs easily.

To avoid unwanted spam on your fan page set it up so as no one can comment too. We want this page looking clean at all times.

With Facebook’s timeline you can set milestones which are dated on the page. This is the perfect option for highlighting education and work history. Grab a few images online to populate these too so it’s visually attractive. Company and University logo’s are easily located and added here.

Avoid a self photo and go with something more appealing to the general public. Google top 10 best timeline headers and you’ll probably get a few good ideas of what looks good, or more importantly what other people think looks good. There are plenty of cheap or free options too for grabbing creative timeline covers too. If you happen to be a little creative then you can always create one yourself.

Under the about section you can create a profile about yourself and link out to any blogs, Twitter or LinkedIn profiles to add a little extra background about yourself. Get some achievements and selling points in here. Employers want to see what you can do for them.

You can also show you know your industry well by setting the user as the fan page and liking some industry related fan pages too. Avoid anything to do with religion or politics as this is a big no-no with social media and could put people off.

You only have four Facebook Tabs showing under the header image now and photo’s is a sticky that you can’t move and is shown first. Use this to your advantage and maybe add some images such as awards or presentations. Maybe add a YouTube tab in if you have some interesting work on there too. Show your creative side.

So there you have a few basic tips on creating a CV on Facebook via timelines. Will it replace the paper CV of the past? No, of course not, but it can help to make you stand out from the crowd and sometimes that is all it takes to get the interview. The rest is down to you.


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