Job seekers: Want the right role? Then ask the right questions

So you are all set. You have an interview lined up with what seems like the type of company you have been looking for, you have reviewed the job description thoroughly, done your homework on the company and the type of clients they service, and after reading the ‘about’ section on their website a few times, you are ready for any question they may throw at you. So you’re all set. Right?

Not quite. Have you prepared YOUR questions? ‘What questions?’ I hear you ask. The employer asks the questions, not me, I just run through my CV and/or Portfolio with them and answer their questions and off I go, isn’t that it?

This interview is your big opportunity (sometimes your only opportunity) to truly delve into what this role is all about, if you don’t ask your own questions, you might turn up on the first day and find out that this jobs is not at all what you were expecting.

This mistake can be avoided by preparing some questions that will allow you to truly understand, as best as possible, all the ins and outs of this role.

Though you should make sure you formulate your own questions for the appropriate role to match what you are looking for, below is a broad list of 10 questions which I think is a good start.

1. What will I be working on in my first week? First month? First 6 months?

2. How many in my team? What’s the current structure? Where will I be positioned within the team.

3. What is the current team culture? What kind of people fit in here?

4. What’s the management style?

5. Why is this role available? Did someone leave? Was there a restructure? Is there a new client win?

6. What internal studio/project management tools do you use? What software will I be using? Will I use a Mac or PC?

7. Does the company pitch for new work frequently?

8. Will I be client facing? To what degree?

9. What are the working hours? Is there flexibility? (be careful how you ask this)

10. What is the company’s direction and focus?

Everyone has their own specific requirements for what is going to make a role right for them. Ask about them. Don’t be afraid. I can assure you that your prospective employer will be impressed if you ask considered questions. It’s just as important for them that you fit their requirements and team, so engage with them, ask questions. It will make a huge difference in helping you to decide that this opportunity is the right one for you.


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