10 Reasons Why You Should be On LinkedIn [plus INFOGRAPHIC]

10 reasons why you should be in LinkedIn

LinkedIn is quite often forgotten about by job seekers who think that Facebook is the only social network game in town.

The reality is that if you are an aspiring professional, or searching for a job, then it is essential to have a profile on LinkedIn to ensure your online brand is optimised for the largest professional network on the planet. It has certainly become the place to be if you want to be seen as the consummate 21st century professional executive.

Here are 10 reasons you should be on LinkedIn

  1. More than 100 million other professionals have joined the network since it started over 8 years ago
  2. To find new job and career opportunities
  3. To network with other professionals
  4. To get recommended by your peers
  5. Keep in touch with industry leaders
  6. Get answers to your questions from other professionals
  7. It is your portal to your other online properties such as your Facebook page, Blog and Website account (you are able to add links to 3 websites)
  8. It is your professional brand online
  9. To see what other people are up to
  10. Learn from your peers by participating in one of the hundreds of thousands of professional groups

If you are not convinced yet and not sure about LinkedIn’s value then view this infographic to find more reasons why you should sign up and participate.

Why you should be on LinkedIn infographic

Source: from OnlineMBA

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