Online personal branding for introverts

Online personal branding for introverts

I recently took the Myers-Brigg Personality Type Indicator and ‘scored’ an INTP (Introvert, Intuition (N), Thinking and Perception). A personality indicator is not a predictor of performance, nor does it assess intelligence. Myers-Brigg measures psychological preferences in how people perceive the world and make decisions.

The big surprise for me was learning that I’m a slight introvert. And part of the ‘shock’ of learning I was a slight introvert was that it seems counter intuitive that someone (i.e. me) active in social media could be an introvert. But that’s obviously not the case.

Myers-Brigg states introverts prefer to get their energy from spending time alone and reflecting on ideas.

So how can someone that gets their energy from being alone and reflecting on ideas build a strong online personal brand?

Read – RSS feeds on Google Reader

As part of my daily routine I’m reviewing content that comes through my Google Reader. Google Reader is one of many tools that collects RSS feeds.

Select RSS feeds relevant to the industry where you seek to build out your personal brand. Spending 20 to 30 minutes every morning reviewing and thinking about new ideas coming through your Google Reader is a great way for introverts to get energised. For introvert iPad users, I’d recommend the Zite app. Zite positions itself as an intelligent magazine that provides content based on your interests.

Share – ideas/insights on the social network of your choice

From your Google Reader you can easily share posts on the social networks where you aspire to build your personal brand. When publishing content from Google Reader, think how you can encourage others to comment/share your content.

This approach will require you to get the mix right between frequency and relevant/quality content. If industry peers comment/share your content, you are well on your way to building a positive online personal brand.

If publishing content to the greater public seems too daunting, then consider joining and participating in selected industry groups in LinkedIn. Check out the easy to follow steps to send Google Reader feeds direct to your LinkedIn account.

Promote – your thinking on <<your name>>.com

If you’ve nailed down ‘Read’ and ‘Share’ and want to become more serious about building your personal brand, consider launching a personal blog. Make your blog a platform to host ideas and concepts that gets you excited and enthusiastic. After playing around with a blog on for a couple of years, I’ve recently created on WordPress.

If you’re an introvert and don’t think you’re capable of building a positive online personal brand, you’re wrong. Building an online personal brand is based on the relevancy and quality of content created and shared. It also depends on the frequency and reach of your content. Ultimately, building a positive online brand takes dedication and energy. As an introvert, learn where you get your energy and channel it towards building a positive online personal brand.


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