4 steps to making your personal brand a winner

Four steps to making your personal brand a winner

To maintain great personal brands with colleagues, we need to work constantly on these 4 vital ingredients to personal branding success.

Hugo Boss, Emirates, Audi, Moet et Chandon, Apple. When we hear these words, we immediately get a feeling about the product: a perception, made up by many considerations.

We’re all ‘brands’, whether we like it or not. When your name is mentioned in business, those there get that instant feeling about you – their perception of you as a professional brand. Personal brands are not stagnant – when you start a new role or get promoted, you have to start again with your brand, and build it afresh.

Here’s a powerful, practical model for assessing, nurturing and building personal brands at work, developed by Tom Peters.

As you read each of the 4 pillars, give yourself a score out of 10: 10/10 being “I am perceived by my colleagues as BRILLIANT at this” and 1/10 being “I am perceived by my colleagues as being absolutely HOPELESS at this“. Then develop a 100 Day Action Plan to improve your scores in each pillar, and make a diary note to reassess how you’re tracking every three months. And get input – ask your colleagues, ask your boss, to score you.

  1. Outcomes Powerhouse: I am known as someone who delivers outcomes, who gets things done, who is highly productive on the right things, who delivers what they say they will do.
  2. Expert: I am well known for being particularly good at something. While a strong all-rounder, my colleagues perceive me as being an expert in (something) and often seek my counsel in this one area of expertise.
  3. Point of view about the future: I am not stuck in the detail of delivering today. I also have a view on the future (on a client account, on an area of our business, on a trend that could impact our business, on a new product offering, etc) – about what’s next… what’s coming around the corner. I am thinking ahead and keeping all alert as to what the future might hold and what we need to do about it.
  4. Supportive and trusted colleague: I am known by my colleagues to be trustworthy and supportive. I do not engage in politics, undermine others, gossip or rumour-monger. I don’t tell lies or claim credit for the work of others. I speak my mind, but am transparent and consistent. You know where you stand with me.

Those are the 4 pillars to great personal brands. Be sure to score yourself based on how you think OTHERS perceive you, not how you perceive yourself. Getting input from colleagues can be helpful, though confronting. Give it a go. Score yourself. Develop a 100 day ‘brand improvement’ plan. Get it done. Reassess in three months. Treat yourself as a project!


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