How to impress your next boss

How to impress your next boss

If you are a knowledge worker, and most of us are these days, how do you look smarter than the next guy or gal?

The short answer is to have a blog where you reveal your wonderful insights about your industry that you are obviously knowledgeable and passionate about. The challenge is though, that you will need to write so you look literate and well organised.

So you have a blog, but you need to present it and structure it so that it looks professional and smart. So where do I start?

A blog post is a story in 3 parts

  1. The Exposition – This is where the idea is exposed or a problem posed
  2. The Development – this is where the idea is developed and explored and this could be where the answer is exposed in all its glory
  3. Summarise – This where you sum up your answer or ideas

Tips to write a blog post that will impress your next boss

This is where we get down to some essentials that will make it well structured, readable, memorable, and if you’re good… inspiring!

1. Write a great headline
On average, 8 out of 10 people will read headline copy, but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest. This is the secret to the power of your title, and why it so highly determines the effectiveness of the entire article.

2. Structure an enticing introduction
To make this interesting you could:

– Pose a question
– Open with a quote
– Provide a personal and Powerful story
– Quote an interesting fact or statistic

3. The development
To break this up in an age of short attention spans you can:

– Write subtitles that will draw the reader further into the article
– Include images or screen shots that will develop the story or answer the question
– Include hyperlinks that will verify the story
– Format for scanning and skimming
– Consider a video to provide a rich multimedia experience that adds that memorable factor (example Ted TV)
– Use an analogy. It could be a phrase such as “A writer without a blog is like a salesman without a telephone” that tempts and captures the readers attention

4. The summary
Closing is important and the main thing to remember is to close the loop by tying it back to the beginning. It could be a statement or a question.

So what were the key elements that made you want to read this entire post?

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