Hiring trends in Europe and Asia Pacific // Market Update from Firebrand // July 2011

International hiring trends // Market update from Firebrand // July 2011

Firebrand has offices in Europe, Asia and Australia, and wherever I go, I get asked about the job market.

What is happening? Is it improving?

In today’s market update vlog, we examine how the job market varies from region to region. Asia is booming, Australia is recovering, and Europe is still very slow and tentative. It’s also true that the job recovery is segmented, some niches, such as digital marketing are experiencing strong demand, while others lag behind. It’s a constantly evolving scenario and it varies from market to market.

Watch the “Firebrand Sparks!”vlog for an up-to-the-minute assessment of the global job market in marketing and communications, digital, creative and media.


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