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10 essential skills of a social media managerOnly 10 years ago the social media manager role was not even a job or a career. It didn't exist. Facebook was barely a year old and was still just a way for people to connect to other students online. The term social media marketing wasn't in the lexicon.

Fast forward a decade and every organisation must have a social media manager, whether full time or part time. They need to be like a juggler at a circus and keep a lot of balls up in the air and make them all land safely. It requires skill-sets which means managing many moving parts. Technical, analytical, creative with a bit of project management thrown in.

Essential skills of a social media manager

It means always being 'on' and keeping tabs on your community. It involves being creative like an artist but also learning to be the "data scientist". In a digital age the geeks may indeed inherit the earth.

When it comes to your career, play BIG or go homeI recently completed a course that reminded me how most people dabble their way through life, sweating the small stuff, worrying and obsessing about little things.

“Shit, that’s me!”, I realised. All the time and energy I spend on crummy stuff. Stressing about paying the bills. Getting shitty in the morning traffic. Worrying if my invoice will be paid today or tomorrow. Complaining if the sun doesn’t shine, and I can’t go to the beach. Petty family arguments about whose turn it is to stack the dishwasher. And on and on it goes.

It’s like I was majoring in minor things. My dreams seemed to be shrouded in frustrations and the aggravation of daily life. I had lost that sense of purpose, certainty, and the winner’s edge. In other words, I was playing a crummy game, and getting crummy outcomes for my life and myself.

And so the course was a wake up call for me – once again. And over the summer break I reflected a little on where I am in my life, what lies ahead, and what do I want to lie ahead. And this is where I got to…

Job hunters: How to be remembered by potential employersIt goes without saying, someone is a lot less likely to hire you, or buy your product, if they’ve never even heard of you. It’s always been a big part of brand building, and it’s a big part of job hunting as well.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not impossible people will choose you or your brand if they know little or nothing about you, but it is less likely. Your CV or résumé is your first chance for them to get to know who you are, but not the only one.

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