Tips for Job Seekers

valuepropWhat do you get when you combine an employment market flush with candidates, with recruiters and hiring managers that are time poor or just too lazy to read past the first line of your résumé?

An opportunity. That's right, an opportunity.

Believe it or not, working harder to get noticed due to an organisation's limiting recruitment processes or an individual's laziness presents the perfect opportunity to reflect upon and refine your market position and personal value proposition.

villageofsupportIt's one thing to have a network of professional contacts – friends, peers, and acquaintances that you can call upon for all manner of favours: such as making introductions on your behalf, tipping you in to new business or career opportunities, or simply inviting you to the corporate box at the MCG to watch the footy!

But it's another matter entirely to have a vibrant and engaged 'village of support' underpinning YOU (and when I say you, I don't just mean you the person, but 'Brand You' and all that comes with it – your reputation and standing within the professional community).

digitalmarketertomorrowAs the world continues to evolve at a rapid pace, marketing is but one of many professions undergoing substantial change. On the face of it the role of marketing hasn't changed much from its core remit of driving new business and increasing revenue from existing customers. However what HAS changed is that the skill-set required to achieve the same results look vastly different.

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