What We Do

Job boards don’t find people jobs; people find people jobs; and Firebrand is in the people business, not the transaction business.

We partner with companies to find, select, match and retain the most outstanding Talent in the marketplace.

We also believe that a successful placement shouldn’t be a one-off transaction, but rather the start of a productive relationship.

Firebrand places Talent in permanent jobs they love in the following areas:

  • Account Management & Strategy
  • Digital Creative & Development
  • Digital Production
  • Digital Marketing
  • Media
  • PR & Communications
  • Search & Analytics
  • Social & Content

Our Talent Agents are experts in their respective fields and are tuned into global talent communities and networks spanning the globe. Their contact networks are unparalleled; their reach is international. This, along with their expertise and our brand reputation as ‘magnets for Talent’, ensures they will find the best possible Talent in the marketplace.

We are committed to service excellence, determined to achieve results and willing to do things differently. In fact, our mantra is ‘enemies of average’.

Interested in hiring Talent from Firebrand?

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